Corporate Volunteering
United Way HandsOn Suncoast works with corporations of all sizes to meet the Suncoast Region's pressing needs through strategic volunteerism. United Way HandsOn Suncoast provides a variety of comprehensive volunteer event planning to meet your company's goals and engage your employees while supporting local nonprofits and other community organizations. We assist corporations and other groups in starting or revitalizing employee volunteer programs, providing easy access to volunteer opportunities and management of employee volunteer events. Our services maximize the impact of your company's time, money and human resources. 

Want to learn more about why doing good is good business? Fill out the Corporate & Group Volunteerism Form here. Or contact our Tampa Bay office at 813-274-0900 or our Sarasota office at 941-366-2686.

Workplace Volunteer Council
United Way Suncoast believes volunteers play a critical role in creating change that can help improve lives and build a strong, caring community. And we recognize that volunteerism is one of the foundations of corporate social responsibility and good corporate citizenship. That’s why United Way proudly serves as convener of the Workplace Volunteer Council (WVC).

The WVC is an alliance composed of representatives from Hillsborough, Pinellas, Sarasota and DeSoto County companies, professional services firms, and government entities that actively promote employee volunteerism. The Council offers its members a unique forum to exchange best practices and innovative ideas for increasing community volunteerism through workplace involvement.

By joining the WVC, your organization will align itself with leading from Hillsborough, Pinellas, Sarasota and DeSoto County area employers and United Way, as we work together to deliver on our shared commitment to advance the common good by mobilizing volunteers across Hillsborough and Pinellas counties.

What Are The Benefits Of Corporate Volunteerism?
  • Enhance market awareness of your company’s social philanthropic initiatives
  • Create/strengthen a positive corporate image
  • Gain visibility in the Hillsborough, Pinellas, Sarasota and DeSoto market
Social Responsibility
  • Demonstrate your commitment to diverse communities
  • Address pressing community needs throughout the Hillsborough, Pinellas, Sarasota and DeSoto area
  • Provide diverse program opportunities for employees of all backgrounds and interests
Employee Engagement
  • Engender staff loyalty to your corporate culture
  • Train employees in corporate service and teach them new skills
  • Build teamwork that delivers workplace benefits
  • Assist employees in finding a work/life balance and improving employee morale and retention
  • Connect employees with one another in a hands-on environment outside the office
The WVC meets quarterly to share best practices on encouraging employee volunteer participation and ideas on effectively promoting volunteerism in the workplace. United Way HandsOn Suncoast’s expert staff provide additional resources, technical assistance, and up-to-date information on community needs and emerging opportunities to help through United Way’s premier volunteering platform: United Way HandsOn Suncoast.

The Council also provides a means for member organizations to work collectively on community priorities through joint projects and activities.
Send your representative to the next Workplace Volunteer Council meeting.

Recent studies by the Case Foundation show that 82% of executives surveyed said good corporate citizenship helps the bottom line; 52% said corporate citizenship is part of their business strategy. United Way HandsOn Suncoast realizes that while corporate volunteerism has numerous benefits to both the business and its employees, it takes a large amount of time, planning, and management.
United Way HandsOn Suncoast can assist your company in the project planning process, logistics and the customization of a corporate volunteer project to ensure a memorable experience.

Group Volunteering
United Way HandsOn Suncoast makes it easy to volunteer together as a group by creating a team of volunteers. A team can be as small or large such as corporations, civic groups, places of worship, public schools or neighborhood groups. All teams have a designated team leader who "invites" team members to become part of the team, and takes the responsibility for signing interested team members for a different project.
If you are the representative of a corporation and/or group and would like to schedule a volunteer project or set up a volunteer event for your employees or group, please contact Nicholas Castro, Director, Volunteer Engagement Strategies by email or call (813) 274-0932.