Volunteer Opportunities:


Dates:  9/23/2017 - 10/1/2017
Location: Sarasota County

Call for volunteers - tapping into the deep volunteer base that United Way has with both local and corporate partners.  Volunteers and groups can sign up for a specific role, date and shift, based on their availability!  This is a great opportunity for work groups or social groups to engage in.

How many volunteers are needed for the 2017 World Rowing Championships?
2,000 volunteers will be needed for the 2017 World Rowing Championships.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?
You must be 16 years old or older.

What are some of the volunteer positions for the 2017 World Rowing Championships?
Volunteers will be needed for: Parking and transportation, timing, ticketing, language services, competition, media center, information center, entertainment area, airport greeters, and more.

Click the link below to see opportunities:


Any questions about volunteers, contact Morgan Skillman at morgan@wrch2017.com