Disaster Volunteers
recognized leader in managing spontaneous, unaffiliated volunteers to meet the needs of organizations and individuals impacted by the emergency, United Way HandsOn Suncoast is critical for response and recovery.
Our work will focus on the fact that “all disasters are local.”  Our strength comes from three distinct areas: 
·      Spontaneous unaffiliated volunteer management (SUVs) and in managing                Volunteer Reception Centers (VRCs) in time of disaster
·      Defining non-profit needs in times of disaster and matching volunteers to those        needs
·      Large-scale project execution as part of long-term recovery
Become a Disaster Volunteer
To assist with a VRC during a disaster, we need individuals, groups and businesses to register as pre-identified volunteers. When a disaster strikes, and the VRC is activated, our pre-identified volunteers will be the first to learn how to assist the community and respond to their needs quickly. The pre-identified volunteers will also be notified about upcoming trainings.
E-mail rsamora@uwsuncoast.org to indicate your interest in serving.