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Reading All-Stars is an academic support program designed to strategically and thoughtfully support elementary age students’ early-literacy success. This program connects volunteers with students who need a little extra support. During a session, All-Stars volunteers will spend time with students supporting them through read alouds, educational activities, and enrichments which all serve to strengthen the child’s reading skills.


United Way Suncoast’s goal is to respond to the needs of the community, so we will continue to evaluate the virtual and in-person opportunities throughout the year. Review the below information and complete the application to start the process of becoming a Reading All-Stars volunteer.


Volunteers agree to the below program guidelines and will:

  • Complete a Level 1 background check, paid for by United Way Suncoast.
  • Attend a mandatory 60-minute training session for the Reading All-Stars program and participate in ongoing training to improve the quality of sessions.
  • Ideally be available two or more times per month, although the time commitment is flexible.
  • Notify their Reading All-Stars program coordinator a minimum of 24 hours in advance if they are unable to attend a session.


Volunteers agree to the below safety and security guidelines and will:

  • Not contact participating families and/or students outside of the Reading All-Stars program time unless already participating with the student in another mentorship-focused program, i.e. Big Brothers Big Sisters.
  • Not ask students about any personal information such as address and phone number.
  • Complete their background check prior to being matched with a Reading All-Stars student.


Volunteers participating virtually additionally agree to:


  • Have access to a digital device with access to the internet.
  • Participate using Zoom. In addition, volunteers will:
    • Join meetings on-time. Due to the virtual environment and back-to-back session times, sessions are restricted to the pre-designated times and cannot be extended.
    • Have the camera option turned on to engage with the student and have a clean, appropriate background.
    • Wear appropriate clothing.
    • Not display any inappropriate behavior.
    • Provide an environment that is free from distractions.
  • Report any abusive or neglectful behavior witnessed during the Reading All-Stars session. Abuse and neglect reporting protocols set forth by the state can be found here.
  • Understand that sessions are recorded for safety and quality purposes.
  • Not take pictures, screenshots, or video recordings of any participating students during their session.

Volunteers are subject to immediate termination if found in violation of any terms and conditions listed above.


If you do not yet have a volunteer account, you can create one here. Note: if creating an account, please return to this page after to complete the Reading All-Stars specificing onboarding questions.