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Businesses today are looking for ways to connect with their employees on a more meaningful level and, at the same time, become more involved with their local communities.  United Way HandsOn Suncoast can create this experience for your organization.

Corporate volunteerism programs achieve both goals

Studies show today's workforce is looking for personal fulfillment and employers with a commitment to the community.  Volunteer programs are an effective mechanism to actively engage staff through activities that build morale, loyalty - and the community.  Benefits of an organized volunteer program include:

  • Create/reinforce a positive corporate image.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to diverse communities.
  • Increase employee engagement and loyalty.
  • Build teamwork through a hands-on experience outside the office.
  • Improve employee morale and retention.

Choose United Way HandsOn Suncoast to help manage your volunteer events

Managing volunteer events can be a time and resource challenge.  HandsOn Suncoast can help. Trust us to deliver the manpower and expertise you need.  We can provide comprehensive volunteer event planning and management to meet your company's goals and engage your employees.  Our services maximize the impact of your company's time, money and human resources.  United Way HandsOn Suncoast can provide:

  • Development of a customized team service day that creates meaningful community change.
  • An online registration process for your volunteers.
  • Logistical management (site inspections, agency communication, delivery of supplies, on-site volunteer orientation).
  • All necessary tools and equipment, including water and first aid supplies.
  • Post event evaluation and impact reports.

How to get started

Our team can create a customized meaningful volunteer experience based on your organization's interest.  Click here to fill out a corporate volunteer request form and one of our team members will reach out to you.


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