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November is National Gratitude Month, a time to celebrate and share positivity in our lives and the lives of others, creating a community that is united. Throughout the month, United Way Suncoast is encouraging community members to share gratitude with veterans and educators in our Suncoast region.


United Way Suncoast supports veterans year-round, as we provide funding for Bay Area Legal Services' Florida Vetearns Legal Helpline. The line provides extensive outreach, education and direct legal assistance to low-income and ALICE veterans to reduce civil law barriers that may be threatening their employability, financial stability and independence, ability to gain and sustain employment or valuable workforce development or training opportunities, or ability to build and sustain individual/family assets. 



Access to high-quality early learning dramatically improves opportunities for all ALICE children, and educators are a key factor in children's learning. We align with school districts while elevating before- and after-school programs and provide early learning educators with professional development. 



Write Letters of Gratitude for veterans or educators.

Create a kit*:

*These activities can also be planned and managed by the UWS Community Engagement Team to be held on-site for corporate and civic groups; contact for more details (funding required).

Volunteer for one of the below opportunities**:

**For groups of 5 or more, fill out this project request form and UWS can coordinate a group volunteer activity (alternate dates available).


If you are a veteran or know a veteran in need of help, call 211 or visit to receive local assistance.

Together we can build a strong community that takes care of everyone who lives here.  In addition to volunteering, you can help by making a donation today.