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The driving mission of the faculty, staff, and support personnel of J. W. Mitchell is to develop in each student a vision of success and to provide the means of achieving it. Creating an environment in which successes are celebrated and failures are viewed as opportunities is central to the success of this mission. The uniqueness of each student requires that the personnel at J. W. Mitchell strive to provide diverse programs, to understand student needs, to be sensitive to cognitive, social, and emotional stages of development, to treat each student on an individual basis, to use appropriate interventions, and to facilitate both academic and behavioral growth for all students. Our mission is based on research and grounded in our core beliefs about effective educational practices and the process of educating young people. School Beliefs Excellence can be achieved. All students deserve challenging, rewarding, and relevant curriculum and co-curricular activities. People need a safe, nurturing, and positive learning environment. Education provides the foundation for success. Individual differences and diversity enrich our unique school culture. Education is the combined responsibility of parents, students, educators, and communities.

New Port Richey, FL, 34655

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