Meet Our Team!

Nicholas Castro, MBA

Director, Volunteer Engagement Strategies

Direct: 813-274-0932
E-Mail: ncastro@uwsuncoast.org

As United Way Suncoast’s Director of Volunteer Engagement Strategies, Nicholas Castro leads the Region’s workplace and community engagement work through volunteerism.  Through the cultivations of UWS partner agencies and affiliates, Nicholas brings the workplaces to the work in the community from a grass roots perspective.

Nicholas has been with UWS since January 2012 and lives in Riverview, FL with his wife and two children.  He enjoys being a very active father with his children’s extracurricular activities and giving back by volunteering in the community.

Rebecca Cain

Manager, Community Engagement Operations

Direct: 813-274-0967
Email: rcain@uwsuncoast.org 

Rebecca Cain, United Way Suncoast’s Manager of Community Engagement Operations, develops relationships with individual volunteers and UWS partner agencies and affiliates to provide meaningful experiences to all HandsOn volunteers. She coordinates orientations to expand the volunteer base and works closely with volunteer leaders to provide more opportunities each month.

Rebecca has been with UWS since August 2015 and lives in Tampa, FL.  She enjoys spending time with her family and friends at various activities in the community. 

Jonathan Terry, MS

Manager, Corporate & Community Engagement

Direct: 813-274-0902
Email: jterry@uwsuncoast.org 

Jonathan Terry, United Way Suncoast’s Manager of Corporate & Community Engagement, develops relationships with UWS partner agencies and affiliates to provide volunteer opportunities that show the HandsOn volunteers the direct impact they are making.  Jonathan connects workplaces to specific opportunities in the community that align with their corporate social responsibility, and also works with individual volunteers to create innovative projects that engage friends and family members.

Jonathan has been with UWS since May 2015 and resides in Riverview, FL. When he is not giving his time helping others in the community, he is coaching track at Chamberlain High School and also with the AAU Track & Field Club of Junior Olympians.


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