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Financial Coaching

Community Members who are in a position to make changes and improve their financial wellness are paired with dedicated volunteer coaches, Financial Resource Guides (FRG). Together, they develop a plan of action that will help the Member achieve their financial goals.

With support from a personal financial coach, community members can maintain a spending plan, save for a new car or home, start an emergency savings or vacation fund, maximize their tax refund, review their credit report and increase their score, create a debt management plan, understand financial products and services, align their financial goals with professional and personal goals, and so much more! The program is:

  • Trustworthy: coaching is offered free; volunteers must pass a background check and will never attempt to sell you products/services.
  • Flexible: community members decide when it is best to meet with your coach.
  • Personalized: sessions are member-driven to fit their needs.
    • One-time only session: receive information to address a specific topic, question, or concern (i.e., how to dispute something on a credit report)
    • Regular sessions: strengthen financial wellness by meeting on a regular schedule (i.e., every month for 6 to 12 months) to focus on their overall financial picture.
  • Virtual*: video chat (preferred) or phone call.


If you are interested in becoming a Financial Resource Guide, please visit this page for more information.

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