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HandsOn Suncoast collaborates with Nonprofit Partners to coordinate meaningful group volunteer experiences that help address our community's most pressing needs. Every month, HandsOn Suncoast volunteers engage in service activities that benefit a plethora of nonprofit organizations in the Tampa Bay area.

Nonprofit Partners have access to a variety of valuable resources, including:

  • Free calendar and ongoing referrals (Volunteers can sign up directly for an opportunity with your organization)
  • Volunteer management software through HandsOn Suncoast Connect
  • Referrals for special events and corporate volunteer projects - Companies and groups seeking projects will be referred to your organization
  • Support during group volunteer projects from experienced, trained HandsOn Suncoast Volunteer Leaders;
  • Access to individual, corporate, youth and skilled volunteers;
  • Marketing support for volunteer opportunities through our online Opportunity Calendar, e-newsletter, and social media sites; and
  • Ability to list in-kind donation and court-ordered referral needs on our website.
  • And much more!

To register as a United Way HandsOn Suncoast Nonprofit Partner, organizations must meet the following criteria. Your organization:

  • Is designated by the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) organization, school, government agency , or faith-based organization with a profile on www.volunteersuncoast.org; or is a school, government agency, hospital, hospice, nursing home, or community organization.
  • Does not withhold services based on membership or religious affiliation/participation.
  • Is not a political campaign.

Please note: United Way HandsOn Suncoast does not recruit or refer volunteers to:

  • Work with private individuals independent of an agency.
  • Engage in political campaigns and partisan activities.
  • Handle money or make direct financial asks as part of fundraising activities.
  • Take part in direct religious activity or proselytizing.


Are you ready to submit a partnership application for your nonprofit? Along with the online application, you must submit proof of 501(c)(3) nonprofit status.  Click on the Nonprofit link above, then click  "Sign-Up/Registration".


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